Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking For A Steak

I simply could not resist the opportunity to talk about the most ridiculous proposition to change the way hot dogs are manufactured or labeled due to a potential choking hazard. “Are you tricking me?” As my daughter says when I get caught teasing her… This article, Doctors Urging for a Safer, Choke-Free Hot Dog, from the Associated Press on February 22nd is appalling. It is an example of the absolute worst kind of journalism, reporting, and empty-vested drawn conclusion I have seen in recent times. Can we all put our time and energy into something that really counts such as educating our children how to eat right and in the case of infants and children how to eat period? Those of you who are not parents and/or do not understand this last statement; please understand that parents actually have to teach their children how to physically eat. Let me reassure you though that this is a natural process developed over millions of years. They actually learn to eat. Really! I just can’t resist the sarcasm here…

There are so many things wrong with this proposition that I will simply not reiterate them here. For a good laugh, please read the article for yourself. It will only take you two minutes to read since that is how much effort was put into the data, research, and conclusion.

Anyway, the sad truth is that everyone chokes sometimes and it is scary. For those of you who may have lost a loved one, my heart calls out to you. I once had a choking experience that required the Hymlick and I learned very quickly to eat smaller bites and chew better. You see, evolution was kind to me and gave me a small amount of intelligence to extrapolate from this event as to what to do with my new found wisdom.

To be sure, the labeling or remanufacturing of a hot dog will increase cost and not prevent any less than the fewer than 100 deaths due to choking on hot dogs. If you want to make sure your kids grow up healthy and have a long life, eat less hotdogs! I am starting to envision the future of food that is all liquid or wheat germ based that we can suck through a straw… I guess Isaac Asimov was right again about the future of humanity in his epic novels… Luminary bodies made of energy with no cause left to live for while floating through the endless expanses of eternity. LOOKING FOR A STEAK!


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