Friday, March 12, 2010

Please use my Shopper Card!

There was a recent article about the FDA and CDC using consumer’s shopper’s cards from grocers to help track and locate the source of food borne illness. Great! Please use my data so that my family and I can avoid being poisoned! I am in no way an advocate of the government prying into my consumer habits, but we are talking about food purchases here. Does anybody really care if the government knows what you eat? Are you feeling guilty about something?

Let me put this into perspective… The fact that McDonald’s is having a record-breaking year and fast-food chains in general are outpacing the market is all the information one needs to know where and what people are eating these days. The only people I believe should fret about their shopping habits being recorded are those who are receiving assistance from the state. (I.e. food stamps) I was at my local grocer about a month ago and witnessed the customer in front of me buying four boxes of cookies, ice cream, candy, and two cases of soda. I know, we have all made this strange purchase at one time or another, but she paid with the state issued food assistance card. I thought to myself that is an interesting diet… I wonder if the person has kids. Anyway I think you can see where I am going with this and I will leave it at that.

Those complaining in the article about their shopping habits being recorded seem to be suffering from a strange case of paranoia in my opinion. Obviously those people have never had food poisoning or had to deal with a large scale outbreak at a university or restaurant. I hope no one ever has to experience this because it is frightening and debilitating not to mention the PR nightmare that ensues will humble the most experience politico.

So… Go ahead and use my data and find the source of potential poisoning within the greatest food chain to have ever graced this planet!


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