Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Natural CAB

I am really excited about a demonstration today to on-board our entire beef supply using All Natural CAB beef. We have been using three cuts of the hormone free/antibiotic free CAB for about a year now thanks to Chef Roger (CEC), ACE) creating a scratch made burger and meat sauce last year. The cuts we use currently are: inside round, brisket, and shoulder clod. The combinations of such are our secret, but I can tell you it is a superior burger and meat sauce!

The decision to go across the board will depend on a negotiated price and the chefs’ acceptance of the product. If successful, we will have All Natural CAB for everything including fajitas! I think this is unprecedented in university dining and I am encouraged by the response from the CAB supplier to do this which they say would be the first in the country.

This of course is dependent upon the skill level of our team. In order to afford the product at all, we need skilled chefs that can trim and butcher whole beef following strict HACCP guidelines in preparation. This is not for the faint of heart I can tell you! If you decide to do this, you may even be required to have a special permit as a butcher shop. The way we get around this is by preparing the product in each individual servery rather from a central location. Fortunately, we have the talent and skill to do this in all of our kitchens. As I said before, “all natural” will be the buzz of the decade and I look forward to on-boarding more products that meet those standards.


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