Friday, April 30, 2010

The East Servery

The final large servery is being built currently and slated to open in January 2011; is coming out of the ground. The servery is intended to connect Will Rice and Lovett Colleges with a possible expansion in the future to connect Sid Rich College. As we move away from the small servery model to the larger, I am excited by the prospect of running more efficient operation so the cost savings can be realized in order to provide more options for students. Let’s hope there are no hurricanes or other event that would low this project down.

In the meantime, we are preparing food at the South Servery for Lovett and Will Rice and this is quite the challenge to say the least! When this project and the Baker kitchen project is completed, we will have four large serveries connected to nine colleges with only Baker and Sid Rich as stand-alone concepts. The total on-campus residents are projected to be 2,700 which will translate into roughly 6000+ meals per day!


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