Friday, April 9, 2010

Molecular Gastronomy

OK, this is just too cool not to try in a large dining operation. Molecular Gastronomy marries taste, chemistry, and “state of mind” into a completely different dining experience with possible flavors and textures that could be endless! Rice University is a research university heavily based in chemistry and I think the student body would respond to such cooking practices with spirit and intrigue.

My Senior Executive Chef is very excited and would like to explore this further as would I. Interestingly enough; one of my managers here has a degree in the sciences and could actually help with the exploration and premise of this style of cooking. I never thought I would have a chance to merge chemistry into food, but the emergence of this could absolutely be the future of cooking! I am convinced it will at least garner more support in the future.

Like any new science in its infancy, there will be a lot of breakthroughs to come and evolving ideas to compound the exploration. I believe Rice University could be the first in the country to try this on a large scale with the talent we have here. I have ordered a full research report on this subject and will report back with what we find next month.

This is just to cool and edgy not to try!


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