Friday, May 7, 2010

Lead or Follow

As I commented a couple of months ago, Rice University Dining is actively reducing salt added to food by 50%. We have achieved an estimated 70% reduction in less than three months. Guess what? It was easy… I encourage every University/College to do the same immediately!

These sorts of initiatives take time to develop usually, but with high profile companies like Pepsi, General Mills, and Kraft just to name a few, I believe this is going to be like a “fire storm” in the food industry. So I ask, “Will you lead, or will you follow?” Either way the salt needs to go, but University’s which tends to be cutting edge anyway, should be leading the initiative to their kitchens.

The National Salt Reduction Initiative started in New York is putting companies on notice to get with the program or be alienated by consumers. 16 major companies have signed on and I believe this will be the ignition point for everyone else. By the way, not a government program, but a combination of public and private sector influences. The way it should be!

Want to talk about the value of scratch made vs. prepared/processed? I think this study sums it up nicely…
“Studies have also found around 80 percent of sodium is added to foods before they are sold - not from adding salt to food at time of eating.”
Eat well and cook for yourself and family.


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