Thursday, September 30, 2010

Politics of Food

I was just reading a report by the AP that say's Michelle Obama's nutrition bill has stalled in congress because they would like to pay for it with food stamps. I don't really want to get into the politics of this, but rather ask the question, why do we need a bill to make food more nutritious in schools?

The bill would provide for leaner cuts of meat, removing unhealthy snacks from vending machines and so forth. Do we really need this? Just take the crap out! No mess, no fuss... Does it cost more to serve a 90/10 burger rather than an 80/20? Nope! Does it cost money to get rid of vending machines? Nope (unless you consider the commission from vending machines that the school get's)

I remember the day that my high school way back in 1988 put a soda vending machine on campus and how delighted we were to get it... Why did they introduce a soda machine on campus? I don't think they were thinking about our health, but rather making money off the backs of our poor nutrition. Since I am at it... when did all of this become a right rather than a privilege?

So, I am asking fellow dining director's of schools large and small, primary and secondary to just get rid of it! Renegotiate your contracts for better food! Your suppliers will acquiesce since they don't want to lose these lucrative contracts. Trust me, I have done this for Rice University and guess what? No mess, no fuss.

Come on people... get with it... our children are depending on us!

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  1. I think that the reasoning behind the fact that many of these processed foods still exist in many school systems is a lack of education and an abundance of ignorance in the school systems. Not all school systems are so lucky to have educated staff and trained chef's who have students best interest at heart, like here at Rice. As a child born into a family where healthy options were not of importance, not because my parents didn't care, not because we were economically unable, but because we were a family ignorant to the importance of healthy eating! We never had the opportunity to LEARN about healthy options. Why is the government trying to pass bills eliminating processed foods when they should be supporting the education of school system staff or to hire in educated professionals that can provide these healthy choices easily to students. I think that the importance of hiring in educated credentialed professionals into the school systems food service should be made just as much of a priority as that of an educated teacher!