Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Fight! Part one of ∞

I have to agree with Michelle Obama’s fight against childhood obesity, but to place blame on marketing is just a little bit too far out there. It really is the parent’s fault you know… Just remember that the fight against childhood obesity is just that; childhood obesity. Not adulthood obesity where adults can make their own good or bad decisions.

When you are a child, parents should be controlling the diet of their children. I know, you will say that I am hypocritical because I am controlling the ingredients in our serveries; for adults, but I feel it necessary to retrain those unfortunate enough to have grown up with bad eating habits. Believe me, it is epidemic! The stories I could share, but I digress.

Those of you with college age children and those that have been to college will all agree that you are simply not going to tell your kids anything at this point. Freedom has taken hold with a sense of self-ownership and a smattering of defiance as well. I have found however, that being a surrogate parent for the students dining habits, that this is well tolerated and accepted. In other words, you can’t tell your kids anything, but I can… I am not clear as to the psychology behind this, but it is true nonetheless.

I know I have beating up the parent for awhile, so I will end this with congratulations to those parents who endeavor to do the right thing for their kids every step of the way. I can tell the difference when they reach the hedges of Rice University. Believe me!


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