Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom & Dad were right, again…

The all familiar rebukes by our parents such as “eat your veggies” and “chew your food well” are an important part of our diet. Just ask the dinosaurs… Dinosaurs you say? I was scanning some interesting science journals which is customary for me since I am what you consider an arm-chair scientist and found this article. Most fat dinosaurs didn’t chew.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch so I won’t draw parallels, but let’s face it, in a world with time pressures; we have all been guilty of “inhaling” our lunch at some point. I keep coming back to the notion of eating what you need and not what you are wanting, but a little caveat should be added in that we should take and enjoy our food.

We take pride at Rice by offering different and sometimes exotic ingredients and for the most part students enjoy this. I congratulate those students who are willing to try new and exciting flavors. Those of you who do not veer away from the proverbial burger and fries diet are doing yourselves a disservice. The chefs are tremendous here and you can just taste the pride in their food along with amazing and complex flavors.

When you all become parents in the future, just remember those two phrases Mom & Dad taught us, “eat your veggies” and “chew your food well”, because I guarantee you that you will need to say those words those often with your children. Very Often!


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